Imagine freedom from your typical 9 to 5

Perhaps you have been trapped in the same dead-end job for years now. Or maybe instead you’re young and need to enter the work force for the first time, but the cubicle life doesn’t appeal to you.

We all need excitement in our lives, and when we spend 35 to 40 hours a week at work, it’s downright dangerous to have a career that zaps the life out of you.

Imagine that instead, your job is actually a source of satisfaction and joy. How many more hours of your life would you spend with a smile on your face?

In the internet age, these types of jobs are an absolute reality if you’re willing to be creative and start an online business.

Your own online business = freedom

Let’s imagine that you want to sell new electronics online because you are familiar with technology and recognize that this is a lucrative area. Your choice of this industry means that your business is entirely based in an area of your interest. You would probably read or work on these new electronics regardless of if you were making money.

Now, register on a site like Shopify and set up your own online store. It’s literally as easy as it sounds: select a template, input information on the electronics you are selling and basically, you’re set.

When you use one of these ecommerce sites, practically every administrative aspect of your business is automated.

No need to learn every detail of tax code nor optimal shipping rates nor secure payment methods.

Shopify covers every aspect for you, and even tracks data in areas like marketing that require a human touch.

An online business allows you to be your own boss, deal with products you believe in, and even escape the structure of a typical 9-5.

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